Warning as this is a self plug but for Steve and I this is a landmark and finally recognition that Connektd is going global and having impact on the events agency and freelancer community around the world.

We realise daily that whilst our pitch on Connektd is pretty clear, succinct and the benefits obvious to us we always have a long. way to go to get agencies and freelancers signed up. The push back is pretty consistent with one issue at the forefront, critical mass, every agency wanting to signup wants to see larger scale freelancer profiles across more countries and freelancers want to see agency reflect their client base in the listings. So for the month of May, June and July we are doing our best to make more noise about. Connektd with PR pieces like this, several presentations to agencies daily, and of course meet and greets with as many freelancers as we can possibly get to (all online of course, although here in Hong Kong life has returned to normal and my daily brunch meetings have been very welcome).