So, here we are in week 8 of lockdown (2 months!)

I am in the same position as a lot of people with my only project canned on 23rd March "until things get back to normal" and no other work or income in the meantime. Its tough, not knowing when you will next be working and having to deal with all the unknowns along with all the other day to day things that you already have to think about.

Life coaches everywhere are saying you should take advantage of the time to learn a new skill, find other work, build a side-hustle, take up painting etc etc - not forgetting that some of you also have children at home!

For me however, there has been a silver lining. Connektd has been a passion project for me from the start, and despite investing a lot of time and personal money into it for a number of years, has always taken a second place to my main job of project management for clients and earning money!

Both myself and my partner in Connektd, Ajay Parekh (who has also been made redundant from a senior role in Asia) are now in the fortunate position where we can spend 5 days a week working on Connektd, and the benefits are already starting to show :-)

We have our first two partners on board, Create Insurance and Mazuma Money, and now have 560 freelancers and 49 company members from around the world including the US, China, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. We are having daily conversations with global agency clients, and things will only get better.

Myself and Aj are having daily status update calls between Hong Kong and London, and are really enjoying working together to build something great for the industry.

Not everyone has something like this to focus on however, so just do what you can to keep safe and protect your mental health.

As they say "This too will pass"