If you are a member of UK Event Freelance, you may have noticed the Connektd logo start to appear more in the network.

We set up UK Event Freelance 9 years ago now in 2010 as a way to build the relationships between freelancers and those who employed them. At that time, Facebook was not the all-encompassing beast that it is today, but over the last few years a lot of the social interaction from UK Event Freelance moved onto Facebook, so we created the UK Event Freelance Facebook group. This now has just under 2,400 members with engagement on a daily basis.

The audience for UK Event Freelance is almost exactly the same as for Connektd, and so we are bringing the two networks closer together. Connektd will be the platform for building communities and long term relationships between companies and freelancers, and UK Event Freelance will ultimately be re-branded Connektd social and will remain as the social channel for all working in events, exhibitions and brand experience.

As a result of this change, you should start to see the membership growing faster in the coming months!