With managing your finances more important than ever, Connektd is really excited to announce our new partnership programme and the addition of our first two partners - Create Insurance and Mazuma Money.

Our partner strategy is designed to bring expert information and advice to our members by partnering with relevant and trusted businesses that supply services that will be benefit them.

As our key partners, we would encourage our members to get in touch with them (contact details are available on their company pages) and to ask questions, get advice and ultimately use their services if you feel they are the right fit for you.

At Connektd, we are starting with Accountancy and Insurance as the first two areas of focus, but we will also be looking at other partners in the future such as legal and health & safety for example.

Create Insurance and Mazuma Money will be posting regular and relevant content on the site, and are here to support us with a range of services.

Our latest members blog is from Mazuma Money, and gives some really useful information about the expenses you can claim when you are working from home, very relevant for a lot of people right now.