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At Connektd we are building the leading community of companies and freelancers in the global events industry.

These companies and freelancers could be your potential clients, or in fact you could already be working with them. We believe that community is all about relationships and sharing best practice, so we can improve both ourselves and the industry as a whole. Obviously we understand that it is also about trust - we tend to work with those who we know and those who have demonstrated experience and skill in their field.

We know from experience that in many cases the partner you contact in your hour of need is the one you last heard from, and also the one that has proved their experience in the field. What better way to do that than by being part of the community.

You might be a supplier of lighting and sound, a set building, a transport provider or any company that supplies to the events industry who is interested in building their network of clients and contacts. We offer you the chance to have a profile on Connektd, to post updates as regularly as you wish, and to advertise on the platform.

We have a community of 100+ companies and over 1,000 freelancers from the UK and around the world, and that number is increasing on a daily basis. These companies include MCI, Jack Morton Worldwide, George P Johnson, Freeman and many others.

You can join the community and get your business in front of these companies and freelancers for a very reasonable monthly fee.